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Dutch Brothers has over 60 years of combined experience including extensive research.  With attention to detail, no option was left unexplored when constructing our new ready mix plant which has been designed to meet and/or exceed the expectations of our customers with respect to capacity, quality and consistency.


With the most sophisticated batch plant in this area, using state of the art batching, dispatching and tracking software as well as an advanced aggregate heating system, we have the ability to maintain precise control over quality, delivery and service.  

Products include:

  • Concrete

  • Colour

  • Concrete Blocks

  • Super Base

  • Hard Stone

  • Limestone

  • Pea-Stone

  • Super Plasticizers

  • Water Reducers

  • Self-consolidating

  • Reinforcing Fibres

  • Structural Fibres

  • Exposed Concrete

Our Safety Data Sheets are designed to help ensure correct and proper use of our products.  They outline important information about hazards, first aid in case of an accident, precautions to be taken, exposure controls and personal protection.  Information is also provided to describe physical and chemical properties, toxicology, disposal and regulator information.

Dutch Brothers Ready Mix is proud to be part
of the John Aarts Group family!